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  • Non-legal jobs boost law students' people skills

    Law firms often underrate the role of tough, non-legal jobs in developing the soft skills critical to the successful practice of law, says Mississauga real estate and immigration

  • Private mortgages: borrowers beware

    Borrowers need to know what they’re getting into before signing up for a private mortgage because it could be more costly than they anticipate, warns Mississauga

  • Workplace wellness an issue for firms of all sizes

    Small firms can take the lead on workplace wellness, Mississauga real estate and immigration lawyer  Jia Junaid  tells

  • Prepare for the process or pay the price in pre-construction deals

    Purchasers of newly constructed homes need to be wary before they sign on the dotted line, warns Mississauga real estate lawyer  Jia Junaid .

  • Step one for prudent homebuyers: consult with a lawyer

    First-time homebuyers are poised to make costly mistakes if they jump into the market without having deals vetted by a lawyer, Mississauga real estate and immigration lawyer

  • Atlas Law Group sets sights on global practice

    Toronto real estate and immigration lawyer Jia Junaid is an ambitious “girl boss” who is part of a new generation of women bringing a fresh entrepreneurial approach

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